UX design helps companies to deliver the best solutions for their business while being respectful of users, not only with regards to their needs but also to their mindset and culture. That’s why every product and service needs to go through a UX design localization process to be successfully adopted in different countries.

My professor of Russian language used to say that translations are like women: if they are beautiful they are not likely to be faithful. I know, it sounds extremely sexist but it was a long time ago and it just sounded like a joke. I was studying to be a…

An actionable guide to making the UX designer role clear in your company and to your team as I learned from my experience.

Four people in a meeting discussing while one of them is standing by a whiteboard with sticky notes and annotations on it

UX design is based on an attitude, a mindset that aims to catch those unfulfilled user needs in the context of a certain experience and turn them into design opportunities, through a process made of specific steps, mainly provided by the “design thinking toolset” or some sort of user-centered methodology.

When the marketing funnel meets the customer journey, a successful CX design is intended to blend both in a seamless customer experience

CX design is about anticipating and satisfying customer needs by providing, whatever kind of product we are working at, with an effective customer engagement.

An appropriate communication strategy should be used to drive engagement, by aiming to:

  1. attract the interest of a prospective customer through a clear and effective value…

In the past few years the web mobile audience has grown up to 4 times higher than the desktop one, leading designers’ vision from a mobile-friendly to a mobile-first approach.

While in a forward looking digital industry context the discussion is shifting to voice-first design, most of the real world work is still focused on adopting an effective mobile-first logic that responds to all the challenges related to designing for small display real estates. …

It has been a few years since UX design has turned into the new black just for any kind of professional working in the digital industry.

We’re living in the era of the “UX enthusiastics”: some people just feel they have a natural talent about anything related to “user” AND “experience” and this enables them to randomly act and feel as UX designer. …

I have been through quite a few intense interviews during the last year for a position as a UX designer and I got a pretty clear vision of what user experience is really about in business.

Talking to companies at job interviews as a Ux designer can be enlightening! The requirements they state in job posting say a lot about the value (and the meaning!) they give to UX design in their business. I realized that companies have mixed opinions about what value UX design should…

Tania Conte

Product Manager, former developer, with a background as a UX designer and researcher. #Uxdesign can make the world a better place https://www.taniaconte.com

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